Barrio Antiguo Monterrey

Monterrey’s Barrio Antiguo


Barrio Antiguo – Monterrey | Photography


Restored Blue Facade

Barrio Antiguo Monterrey



Bars and pubs are still common near the restored area.

Bars and pubs are stiil common near the restored area in Monterrey



Classic Architecture from the 1800s proliferate in the Historic Downtown, but the area under restoration was limited to a few blocks southeast of Macroplaza Square in Monterrey.

Barrio Antiguo Monterrey


The look of the area after restoration and adequation of the streets for pedestrians and vehicles

Barrio Antiguo Monterrey

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Article and photos by J.J. Del Mar

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Sunset Day-1 Ft

Sea Is My Name

Writing Excerpts


“I will go to my mountain

For there

I will be closest to the Sky.

And in every clear day,

I will see the precious color of the Sky,

your precious face.

And in those nights,

I will feel the stars in your eyes

looking at me, looking after me.

And you will stay closer to your ocean.

And you will walk on the sand.

You will get in the water.

And with every wave,

you will feel my arms,

holding you, carrying you,

for Sea is my name.”

-J.J. Del Mar


© 2015 J.J. Del Mar

Time Is With the Sky

Time Is With the Sky

Writing Excerpts

Time Is With the Sky


Oh, malevolus time
Forerunner of all the lives
Under the skies

Take me with you
For here
For me
There is no time

Are not as cruel
As you are

For time is not
With the man
Of a billion lives

Time is with the lady
Of a young life
Whose name is Sky
All the time

Oh, malevolous time
Take me with you
To the deepest
Of the Ocean
For there is where
Sea resides

Only hope
Can overcome
Malevolous time

For far in the horizon
Sea and Sky
Are both with time


-J.J. Del Mar



Boring ridiculous stuff I write sometimes.