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Magical Town | Real de Catorce


Real de Catorce is one of the nation’s Pueblos Mágicos, Magical Towns, and is located in the state of San Luis Potosí in México. Some of México’s towns are named Pueblos Mágicos after their rich historical and cultural heritage. They’re also big touristic attractions. Though Real de Catorce has remained a site for local pilgrimage for centuries, it is visited by many national and foreign tourists.

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Moon and UFO

Moon and UFO?


Photo of the moon and an unidentified flying object

I took this photo of the moon as part of a post I am writing for Rediscovered Astronomy.  I did not expect to see anything else than the moon, but on looking the pohotographs on my PC, I knew something else is above the moon. I thought that it was just a bird that ruined my shot, but when I zoomed in I was not sure anymore.

What is it? Maybe someone will let me know whether it is a bird, a plane, or something else. The photograph was taken in Monterrey, México last December 14 around noon.


 Unedited photo of the moon and an unidentified flying object

Moon and UFO