My whole life has been full of people that for the lack of a better word I call cowards. Talking about cowards… you can define them as many things and one of them is being afraid of feeling… of realizing the potential for being happy… so they just don’t embrace it because in the end it’s just easier to not really feel something. To this I cite what I heard on a TV show – Channel 8 of Houston, Texas on 3-7-11 :

“[What] I’ve learned from this research is that you cannot selectively shut down emotion. When you shut down vulnerability because you don’t like to feel uncertain or afraid, you also shut down access to joy.  You also shut down access to gratitude, to happiness. And so this whole idea of this culture of invulnerability… is really dangerous because… How many of us are walking around looking for more joy, more purpose, more meaning in our lives… That’s what we’re doing but at the same time we say ‘but I don’t want to feel afraid or I don’t want to experience shame.’ We can’t choose, we are either all in or not. Does that make sense?”

I just hope that for once in my life God gives me the chance of not meeting any more cowards




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