Disclaimer Again

I guess I forgot to add quotation marks on my last two postings.

I will again say that what I write here that appears to be a personal statement or a personal feeling is most of the time a simple writing exercise.

Last Friday I wrote what I think it can be the end chapter of my project and I wrote three little lines of how it might appear in my final draft.

It is a general idea of what I’m thinking the character’s inner thoughts could be.

I think that as an aspiring author, editor/translator, linguist, and educator for the first time in my life I have the chance to go on different directions and the people you come in contact with everyday may influence what I’ll do in the end. And I’ll always be grateful for that but when it comes to a point that you can’t really talk to someone because whatever you say is misunderstood, you are lost.

And yes indeed, rcently I’veI felt lost.


-A simple, aspiring author, JJ Del Mar





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