House to cut funds for linguistics programs

I got word through a colleague’s letter at the Linguistic Society of America that the House of Representatives is planning to cut funding for Social Sciences programs, among them Linguistics programs. That is really sad news and shame on a government that is already slashing funds for public education in general. These are some of the functions that Lingusitcs/linguists currently  perform in different fields.


Thanks to David W. Lightfoot, PhD, [Director, Communication, Culture & Technology Program, Georgetown University, Professor of Lingusitics, and Past President, Linguistic Society of America] quote:


a. some of us study language as a branch of biology (biolinguistics), in such a way that the field has become a lead science within the cognitive sciences more broadly and within emerging neuroscience.
b. much work in linguistics feeds work on applied linguistics, which is the basis for the major worldwide industry of second language teaching.
c. with the development of new communication technologies, work in computational linguistics has been playing an increasing role in the development of new technologies as we seek more effective automated techniques of text analysis, including machine translation.
d. work in linguistics has become important in developing therapies for aphasia and language disorders in patients suffering from strokes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.
e. study of language variation has been instrumental in thwarting the extermination of some endangered languages and in addressing social and political issues in matters of language use.
f. work on the acquisition of language, both first and second language acquisition, has played a leading role in the learning sciences generally.
g. linguists have been funded by directorates such as Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE), Education & Human Resources (EHR) and Engineering, large-scale crossdirectorate programs like Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI), and more focused inter-directorate programs like CreativeIT and Social Computational Systems (SoCS); none of this would happen without SBE and
the Linguistics Program.  [End of quote]




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