Linguistics: The World of Language, Confused

Here we  go again. Somebody claims to be  a linguist and focuses all his or her attention on lexicology. In fact, they are lexicologists even if they don’t realize they are. Does anyone remember lexicologists? Those linguists who are in charge of compiling dictionaries. It’s not that I’m not impressed by their knowledge of individual words. It is that too much attention is given to isolated words. People should know: There is not a correct or incorrect language but a standard or non standard language. The world of linguistics stretches far beyond words and discourse is not limited to the standard usage of a language. It is true that communications should always be proofread for lexical and grammatical “errors”. Even so, the world would be extremely boring if everybody spoke the “correct” language. For once, I would love that attention be paid to other fields of linguistics. Here at Writer’s Look, we will be posting about other areas of linguistics as opposed to limit ourselves to lexicology and call it “linguistics”. We might even start a new blog about the whole realm of linguistics. One thing is for sure. We won’t talk to lexicologists.



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