Sumeria + Akkad, Language and Culture

Today I start a new blog about language as promised.

Sumeria, Spanish for Sumer, and Akkad were the first modern civilization. The Sumerian language was the first written language and coalesced with Akkadian in a symbiotic bilingualism that progressed in both directions. KI.EN.GIR, its original in Sumerian, or  Sumeria represents the beginning of written expression and it is for this reason that I take this name to start this blog.

I created the Sumeria + Akkad out of a need to have a platform to write about Language and Culture.

Language origin, language use, and the culture of people who speak the language manifested through written expression are to be set as the bases for this blog.

The intention is to widen the topics about language development and use as opposed to limit this space to lexicology.

I invite you to walk the world of language with me on Sumeria + Akkad

J.J. Del Mar



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