Thinking, Fast and Slow

This is a book about thinking :). What is it? That you and somebody else think could be on opposite sides. Better yet, it could all be the same but start at opposing extremes and meet half way. Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow offers a unique and revealing way to see into thinking processes. Whether you read literature about the brain or not, this is one book that will offer you a perspective you will be able to apply on your own, fast or slow.



Alex Shakar surprises us with this brilliant rendering. Not only in the story itself but in the way it is presented to the reader.

The Infinite Gift

Following the study of first language acquisition and evolutionary linguistics, Charles Yang's title The Infinite Gift presents his view on how children learn to speak. Yang states that while children try to produce the correct structure of their own language, the failed attempts represent "correct" structures in other languages. Thus children unlearn the grammar of others in order to acquire their own.

The Most Human Human

How can you tell you are human? Most definitely not by just saying, “I’m human”. But how can you prove it? Against a machine that is. In his title The Most Human Human, Brian Christian relates his participation in the Turing test. Published by DOUBLEDAY