Cola de Caballo

Cola de Caballo

Cola de Caballo is a waterfall located near Monterrey, México in the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo León. To get there from Monterrey.... Keep reading  


River Walk | San Antonio

River Walk

San Antonio | River Walk Walk across the street from The Alamo, to get to the River Walk through the plaza that leads to the Hyatt Regency. Enter the Hyatt Regency at the plaza and walk out the exit at the River Walk. Another way to get to the River Walk is through the Rivercenter …

Cumbres de Monterrey

Cumbres de Monterrey National Park is home to a number of plant sepcies such as a variety of pine trees and agaves. Different protected animals such as arthropods, mammals, and reptiles also live in the park. Iconic spots like Cerro de la Silla [Saddle Mountain] and Cañon de la Huasteca [Huasteca Canyon] are within Cumbres …