Monterrey Skyline | 2015 Update

Monterrey Skyline | 2015 Update

Downtown Monterrey has recently completed the construction of the 206.5m skyscraper at Pabellón M, as new projects are planned, including a new taller skyscraper of ~240m. Keep reading...


The 10 World’s Best Skylines

10 Best World's Skylines

We were on the look for some tool that measured, without subjectivity, what were the cities in the world that have the tallest skylines; we didn’t find it. But Writer’s Look researched for data on multiple urbanists associations and data bases, and we were able to create our own method to determine what the “top …

Mexico City New Airport

Mexico City will have a new international airport, president Enrique Peña Nieto announced today during his second annual address to the nation. The project, president Peña said, will be  presented tomorrow. The new airport will have four times the capacity of the current terminals and will count with six runways. Keep reading..

Distrito Tec – Monterrey

  Regeneration of Distrito Tec The district began its development during the industrial boom of the 1940s the city lived. Today there is a current boom in residential, retail, and mixed-use developments in greater Monterrey. It is at this time when ITESM has planned for a regeneration of the main campus. Keep reading